Upcoming NICE Events
SWILD2019 will be held in Shanghaitech University in 2019.
SWILD2018 will be held in ShanghaiTech University in 2018.
NICE Research Highlights
Abstract     In this paper, a new model for arbitrarily varying classical-quantum channels is proposed. In this model, a jammer has side information. The communication scenario in which a jammer can select only classical inputs as a jamming sequence is considered in the first part of the paper...
Abstract     Fog computing has emerged as a promising solution for the IoT and next generation mobile networks. As an extension to cloud computing, it enables service provisioning along the continuum from the cloud to things to reduce latency and bandwidth demands, and empower end users in the...
Abstract     Task offloading is a promising technology to exploit the available computational resources in spatially distributed fog nodes efficiently in the era of fog computing. In this paper, we look for an online task offloading strategy to minimize the long-term cost, which factors in the...