2018 Summer School on “Fog Computing”, June 26-29 2018

2018 Summer School on “Fog Computing” will be held in Shanghai, on ShanghaiTech University campus, from June 26 to 29, 2018. The goal of this summer school is to bring together the world-class researchers in Fog Computing with undergraduate, graduate students and interested researchers from academia and engineers from industry, to educate the audience on both basics and recent advancements in Fog Computing overview, IoT, Optimization, Big Data, and Deep Learning, and to encourage collaborations on related topics. This summer school would also include a 24 hours’ hackathon after the two-days’classes on Fog Computing, to encourage the students gather to collaborate and challenge themselves to build a project about Fog Computing from start to finish. It is an invaluable opportunity for the participants to gain coding experience, learn fog computing, and win awesome prizes.

The Summer School is organized by:

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  Fog Enabling Intelligent IoT


a. Comprehensive Tutorials on Fog, IoT, Learning, and Optimization

b.  Free registration

c.  Complimentary banquet, meals, and coffee breaks

d.  Reimbursements to 6 teams participating in Fog Hackathon (Per-student, only for IEEE ComSoc student members)

Dates and Location

a.  Registration Deadline


For more information, please check: http://shift.shanghaitech.edu.cn/summerschool2018/

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