Prof. Yanlin Geng Won 2016 IEEE Information Theory Society Paper Award

Prof. Yanlin Geng from SIST has won the 2016 IEEE Information Theory Society Paper Award for his paper on “The capacity region of the two-receiver Gaussian vector broadcast channel with private and common messages”, which he wrote together with his former PhD supervisor Chandra Nair at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The IEEE information theory society paper award is one of the most important recognitions in the field of information theory [1]. It is awarded once per year for exceptional publications.

During the last two years, SIST professors have won a whole series of international awards. Apart from prof. Yanlin Geng's achievement the following major awards were rewarded to SIST Professors.

    1) Prof. Xiaojun Yuan has won the Best Paper Award of the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Communications [1], joined SIST of ShanghaiTech on July at the same year.

    2) Prof. Yuanming Shi,who works as an assistant professor at SIST from September of 2015, has won the 2016 IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award in Wireless Communications [2].

    3) Prof. Ning Cai has won the 2016 IEEE Eric Sumner Award (ICT Outstanding Contribution Award, Lifetime Achievement) for pioneering contributions to network coding [3]. Cai Ning shares his award with Yang Weihao and Li Shuoyan. Prof. Cai is a full professor of SIST.




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