Trusted “Embedded” Edge/Fog Computing ― Architecture, Technology and Implementation

Speaker:     Prof. John K. Zao

Time:        Nov. 27 11:00-12:00

Location:    SIST 1C502

Host:          Prof. Yang Yang


Edge and Fog Computing aim at dispersing Cloud Computing services along the IoT-to-Cloud Continuum. To achieving this goal, Edge/Fog Computing architecture must ensure Trustworthiness of the Edge/Fog Nodes“embedded” into the Internet infrastructure and offer ambient end-to-end Information Security services throughout their communication fabric. In this talk, we expound the concept of Trusted “Embedded” Fog Nodes and the necessary technology to build these essential Dispersive Computing entities. We will also explore the ways to make our existing Fog Nodes “Trustworthy”and work with IEEE Standard Association and GlobalPlatform to develop the necessary standards.



Prof. Zao is the founding chairman of the IEEE 1934 Standard Working Group on Fog Computing and Networking Architecture Framework and the founding vice-chairman of the new IEEE Standard Committee on Edge/Fog/Cloud Communications with IoT and Big Data. He is also the co-chairman of the Security Working Group of OpenFog Consortium and its Greater China Regional Committee. Currently, Prof. Zao is the Director of Intelligent Fog Computing Research Center at the Taiwan Hsinchu Chiao-Tung University. He is also a founder of NGoggle Inc. in San Diego, USA and CerebraTek Co. Ltd. in the Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park. Together, the two companies work developed Augmented Brain-Computer Interaction Systems for neural monitoring and rehabilitation based on visual stimulation. Prof. Zao received his PhD in Computer Science at Harvard University in 1995 and was elected a Senior Member of IEEE in 2001.