Internet-of-Things Systems for Smart Homes: Smart Thermostats, Smart Plugs and Smart Lighting


Speaker:     Prof. Sid Chi-Kin Chau

Time:        Nov. 26 10:00-11:00

Location:    SIST 1C502

Host:          Prof. Yang Yang


Internet-of-Things (IoT) will revolutionize smart buildings by interconnecting appliances, building facilities and building management systems. Novel paradigms can be developed to enhance personalized occupant-building interactions through incorporating smart devices and objects into home environments for automated comfort, lighting, security and diagnostic control. However, implementing effective IoT systems faces a number of challenges, including limited functionalities on low-cost small-footprint embedded systems, constrained battery life on portable devices and stringent real-time requirements of control applications. To develop effective IoT systems, a holistic approach integrating sensing, processing and control aspects is required, addressing a broad range of challenges in a cross-layer manner.

This talk presents several IoT solutions and practical IoT system prototypes that enable a variety of smart home automation applications, including a smart thermostat system that automates indoor temperature control based on distributed low-powered or energy-harvesting sensors, a smart plug system that tracks and learns appliance consumption patterns using compact memory space in a standalone manner, and a smart lighting system that automatically adjusts the brightness using oblivious mobile sensors without relying on location information. This talk also presents a broad vision for future smart cities using IoT technology.


Sid Chi-Kin Chau recently joined Australian National University. He was an Associate Professor with the Masdar Institute, UAE, which was established in collaboration with MIT. His primary research area is Internet-of-Things and cyber-physical systems for smart cities and smart energy systems, including smart grid, smart buildings, intelligent vehicles and transportation. He also researches in broad areas of wireless communications, algorithms, and big data analytics. Previously, He was a visiting professor with MIT, and a senior research fellow with A*STAR in Singapore. He received the Ph.D. from University of Cambridge and B.Eng. from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was a TPC co-chair of ACM e-Energy 2018 and Guest Editors for IEEE IoT Journal and IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing.