SIST Completes 1st 5-Year International Review

On November 22-23, ShanghaiTech University invited an international evaluation team of eight people composed of distinguished experts and scholars in the field of information science and technology to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of SIST’s development and construction. On the afternoon of the 23rd, the evaluation team gave their overall assessment to President Jiang Mianheng, Chairman of the University Council Li Ruxin and the Vice President and Provost Yin Jie. Vice Provost Jiang Ge, Human Resources Director Zhou Yu and the SIST Leadership attended as well and discussed the development planning for the next five years.

At the start of the review on the 22nd, University Council Chairman Li Ruxin expressed welcome to all the distinguished guests. Vice President & Provost Yin Jie introduced the University’s development on the students’ cultivation, faculty employment and the international cooperation and asked the evaluation team to provide advice and suggestions on how SIST’s could develop to reach the standard of first-class universities worldwide.

At the beginning of the international review, Executive Dean Yu Jingyi gave an overview introduction of SIST’s mission, faculty team, research center, international exchange, and student employment. The seven research center directors reported detailed faculty composition, their research interests and their research achievements. The topics involved the Visual & Data Intelligence, Network Intelligence, Post-Moore Microelectronics Integrated Circuit, Automation & Robotics, Systems & Security and Smart Medical Information Research. 


The evaluation team had a short discussion with the post-graduate students on the same day. The students talked about their current research interests as well as their experiences studying and living at ShanghaiTech.  


On November 23rd, Assistant Dean Zhou Pingqiang gave an in-depth introduction of SIST’s students’ admissions, cultivation and sustainable development. He showed relevant figures and demonstrated that the SIST has had a stable and healthy development during recently years. After the introduction, Professor Yu and other faculty led the evaluation team to visit SIST labs including ShanghaiTech Nano Lab, MARS and 7 centers.

The evaluation team had lunch with SIST students to better understand students’ needs. The international evaluation also considered the question of cultivating top-notch talent with social responsibility, solid academic competence and innovative mentality.

After two days’ evaluation, the evaluation team affirmed SIST’s achievements during the past five years. They said that SIST had established a young, dynamic and high-level faculty team. The academic achievements from which have reached the international first-class level. At the same time, they highly praised our students' academic competence and international vision. The evaluation team hoped that SIST could further improve the overall structure and development planning for each center for the next five years. They also provide some suggestions related to curriculum planning.